Stray Dog Rescued by Dennis Quaid Near Texas Motor Speedway

Posted by Allie Layos

When actor Dennis Quaid found this stray dog at the Texas Motor Speedway, he had to step in to help.

He may have been in town to serve as grand marshal for yesterday's AAA Texas 500 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race, but Dennis Quaid wasn't above playing dog sitter when he stumbled upon a stray dog near the Texas Motor Speedway.

Though he found the dog (black, with white chest and paws) running around the local Marriott Hotel on Saturday night, he believes it may have come from a nearby RV park.

Quaid set about trying to find the dog's proper owners, even posting a video to NASCAR's Twitter account asking for help in identifying the stray pooch.

"If anyone knows the owner of this [dog emojis], hit us up!" the video's caption begins.

However, whether an owner steps forward or not, it seems that the dog is in good hands.

"Dennis Quaid will take care of her in the meantime."

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