Saying Goodbye: This Tribute to Denali Will Make You Hug Your Pet

Posted by Stacey Venzel

Denali helped his owner cope with cancer and learn how to say goodbye.

When Ben Moon was diagnosed with cancer, it was his dog Denali that stayed by his side unconditionally. It was Denali that kept a smile on Ben's face and a fight in Ben's heart.

When Denali's time was near, it came too soon, as it does with all of our beloved pets. But Ben decided to give Denali the thrill of his life, transporting the weak canine to his favorite spots on the planet, including some coveted surf time on the beach. The film is narrated from Denali's point of view, just the way we like it.

But get the tissue box ready for this one. You're guaranteed to cry. And that's okay, because mixed with tears of sadness there will be tears of happiness. You'll know all too well the bond between Denali and his dad.

Dog years are not the same as human years, but oh how we wish they were. When we adopt a pet into our family, we know they won't physically last with us for a lifetime. Still, we take on the challenge of loving them for a lifetime through memories and learning all that we can from them about living life to the fullest.

Through Ben and Denali, we learn how to say goodbye.

This film, based off a story of the same name by David Dudley, is an incredible tale that captures what our dogs teach us about aging. It seems to speak to every pet owner out there who has experienced a period of grief and loss from that inevitable time to say goodbye.

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Saying Goodbye: This Tribute to Denali Will Make You Hug Your Pet