Proud Dog Picks out His Own Treats and Pays for Them at the Pet Store

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When it's time to head to the pet store, this delighted dog is happy to help out with the shopping.

Do you remember your parents teaching you to shop when you were a child? They'd encourage you to put a toy or treat up on the counter, then hand you the money to give to the cashier, and make you say thank you afterward. It was all part of preparing you to become an adult. Well, this delighted dog is learning to do the exact same thing.

This cutie knows just what he's doing as he walks himself into the pet store, picks out his own dog treats, and puts them into the basket. And when it comes time to check out, he's ready to help, too. Could he be any cuter?

Check out this delighted dog as he gets to pick out his own treats from the pet store.

When it comes to bringing pets into a pet store, most stores require pets to be on leashes. However, this pup is so well-trained and supervised that we suspect this store makes an exception for him.

Would your pet love to go on a shopping spree? What do you think he would buy? Cats would probably head for the catnip treats, and we're sure that most dogs would head for the dog food aisle. Horses? Well, the store would probably end up being a bit torn apart, especially the aisle that had the peppermints.

Looking for a new training trick for your dog? Teaching him to pick out his own treats could be fun. Just be sure to supervise him carefully and leave his leash on when you're in the store.

Is your dog this well trained? Tell us in the comments below!

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Proud Dog Picks out His Own Treats and Pays for Them at the Pet Store