Deformed Dog Picasso Becomes Internet Star and Everyone Wants to Adopt Him

Posted by Amber King
dog with facial deformity

A facial deformity won't keep this dog from finding a forever family.

Picasso, a pitbull-terrier mix born to a backyard breeder, isn't your average dog. Amateur dog breeders often breed their animals with no regard to genetic concerns, and Picasso is an example of what happens when the desire for money overtakes the well-being of the animals.

His misaligned jaws are most likely a result of poor breeding, and when his original owner couldn't sell him, he was surrendered to the Porterville Animal Shelter.

Picasso was one in a litter of five of puppies, and his best friend and brother, Pablo, was also handed over to the animal shelter. Together, the two pups sat on death row as their chances of being adopted dwindled.

The shelter called them a "bonded pair," and the brothers relied on each other for comfort and the love they never received from human owners.

#Repost @dogsofinstagram Thank you @dogsofinstagram for featuring our boy! We sure love these brothers and are looking for a wonderful home for them to go to together. Thank you @kelly_beal_photography for this photo! ••• ATTENTION OREGON! Someone please adopt this deserving pup! "Picasso was born this way and despite his funny looks he is happy and healthy. When a back yard breeder was unable to sell him and his brother they were dumped at a high kill shelter and slated for euthanasia. Luvable Dog Rescue saw Picasso and fell in love. They learned that Picasso had a "normal" looking brother who was also going to be euthanized. Luvable couldn't leave "Pablo" behind so they decided to rescue them together. Both brothers are now safe and up for adoption at @luvabledogrescue in Eugene, OR." writes @kelly_beal_photography

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With his snout going one direction and his lower jaw going the other, Picasso's goofy grin and deformed face was holding him back from the life he deserved. But then Liesl Wilhardt, executive director of Luvable Dog Rescue, heard about his story from shelter volunteer, Shannon Corbit. Wilhardt told Huffpost;

"I asked her if she had any dogs with special needs, because I felt we could take some on. She said, 'Yeah, there's a dog with a facial deformity,' and I fell in love with his picture."

While Picasso's jaws don't line up, he's a completely healthy 10-month-old dog. His upper canine digs into his lower gums, and Wilhardt has plans to remove it. But besides that, the only issue is that he's a messy eater and drinker.

"His jaw is fine, the deformity is in the top part of his nose. The jaw hinge is not deformed. He can open it normally."

?Mmmmm....!!!!! PEANUT BUTTER!!!!? Picasso doesn't seem to have any trouble eating, even with his twisted face...he still makes it work!!!!?Picasso and Pablo are sweethearts and also very loving with each other? ?please wait in sending in your applications for these dogs until we have them posted on our website!?We have been slammed with emails from people wanting to adopt, so please be patient while we get all the pups evaluated and through their quarantine period!?We are not a big organization and we only have one person doing all of the adoptions at this point!?We have hired a new person so by March hopefully we will have more help and be able to get back to you guys faster!!!? thanks so much for all the love and support for @luvabledogrescue ???#corgi #wonkyface #bassethound #brothers #peanutbutter

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Wilhardt adopted both Picasso and Pablo and posted their pictures on Luvable Dog Rescue's Instagram. It didn't take long for Picasso's unique look to attract the Internet's attention. Support for the dog came pouring in, including donations to help with medical bills and inquiries about adopting the two brothers. Thousands of people have seen his face, and they've fallen in love with his happy personality.

Once Picasso undergoes surgery to remove the problem-causing canine, he and his brother will be put up for adoption. Wilhardt is looking for an active family with older kids that will be able to provide the dogs with attention, comfort, and stability. She says;

"Picasso is outgoing, happy, curious, and loving. He's so unaware of how different he is."

If you're interested in making Picasso and Pablo a part of your life, start following Luvable Dog Rescue on Facebook and Instagram.

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Deformed Dog Picasso Becomes Internet Star and Everyone Wants to Adopt Him