Deck the Stalls: 21 Horses Ready for the Holidays

Posted by Stacey Venzel
christmas horse

Horses like to celebrate under the mistletoe, too!

Whether they're wearing Santa hats or decking the stalls with Christmas paraphernalia, horses get extra jolly during the holidays, too.

We came across these equines touting their holiday cheer and just had to share the merriment. Enjoy!

The guy who stayed up all night waiting for those pesky reindeer.

Festive horsey! #rudolph #christmas #christmashorse #merrychristmas #horsesatchristmas

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If Buddy the Elf were a horse, this would be him.

The go-getters that are the Griswold family of Christmas lights.

If "A Christmas Carol" was cast with equines, you're looking at the frontrunner for the Ghost of Christmas Past.

#christmashorse ❄️⛄️

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Blitzen's replacment for Santa's sleigh looks a bit taller than the others.

This old man remembered to decorate when he was home alone for Christmas.

The horse with an eggnog obsession.

The equine who is all about homemade horse gifts, even bridles.

The horse who photobombed Santa but, no, why would he stop there?

The mare who thinks pine needles make great necklaces.

The one-horse open sleigh everyone has been talking about.

The stallion who tried to escape the family Christmas card but failed.

The haflinger who knows a hairdo isn't complete without a Santa hat.

The horse who is confused about this lack of snow but happy to be enjoying a holiday feast.

The horse who has high hopes for a miracle on 34th Street this Christmas.

The equine who knows how to accessorize for the holidays.

Oh, he's just too cute. Merry Christmas!

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The horse who knew "Silver Bells" was taken so he tried for "Red Tinsel" instead.

Merry Christmas from Amiano! #santahorse #palomino #christmashorse #xmasphoto #merrychristmas

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The horse who is often mistaken for Frosty the Snowman.

The horse everyone would mistake for Rudolph if it weren't for that brown nose.

Have yourself a merry little christmas! 🎅🎄🎉 #happy #christmashorse#joy #red#beauty

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The horse who knows a little tinsel goes a long way.

The mare who has exquisite taste in neck fashion.

All these horses are ready for the yuletide season. How about yours?

Share your holiday horse photos with us on Facebook and Instagram or in the comments below!

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Deck the Stalls: 21 Horses Ready for the Holidays