Beautifully Groom Your Pet with These 5 Essential Tools

Posted by Ashley McElmurry
grooming dog

Grooming your pets doesn't have to mean a trip to the salon! 

Turn your home into a grooming station all on your own. We know it can pricey to put your pet in someone else's hands. You also never know if when you pick up little Truman, he's going to have a crazy new hairdo.

However, with these essential grooming tools, you can be assured that your pet is in safe hands. Those being your hands, of course. Browse through some of our grooming items and try not to be tempted by the low prices and great quality.

Vastar Curved Scissor Set for Pet Grooming

scissor kit

This grooming kit is perfect for making your pet look brand new. We all know how much they love a new nice cut! This kit comes with a stainless steel scissors, a grooming comb, a clean cloth, and a pouch to store it all.

It's on sale right now for just $16.99.

GoPets Dematting Comb

grooming comb

It's a grooming rake! Yes, I said grooming rake. Depending on your pet, the name makes total sense. This comb is great for getting those coarse, matted, and flailing hairs in line.

It's on sale right now 47% off making it just $21.00.

GoPets Deshedding Tool

shedding tool

This deshedding tool is perfect for eliminating the amount of hair that rests on your floors and furniture. This comb includes a self cleaning curved comb blade, study handle, and a four-inch brush.

You can get this deal of the day for 47% off, making the total price just $21.00.

If you really need to get the job done, this small piece of machinery is your best friend. This cordless clipper is great for tackling thick hair and getting your pet cleaned up.
This item is 52% off today making it $226.24, but this is what the pros use.

INLIFE Pet Nail Grinder with Electric Nail Clipper

nail clippers

This is probably the most troubling task next to giving cats a bath. However, it must be done. This nail grinder is essential for keeping those claws healthy and preferably less sharp.

This gadget is 75% off making it $9.99.

Make your home the new neighborhood grooming salon! Your pet probably likes the comfort of his own home anyways...

How do you go about grooming your pet? Tell us in the comments below!

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Beautifully Groom Your Pet with These 5 Essential Tools