Deal of the Day! Get 30% Off of This Litter Disposal System

Posted by Ashley McElmurry
cat and litter box

Put an end to multiple trips to the dumpster with this pet waste system.

For most of us, cleaning the litter box is never as simple as it seems. Once you've finished scooping and asking your cats to please wait, there's an immediate dumpster run to follow.

Now, you don't have to worry much about that when it comes to the Litter Champ Odor-Free Cat Litter and Pet Waste Disposal System. Scoop the litter box clean and rid the litter into an odor-free casing. You still have to make a trip to the dumpster eventually, but this can cut those trips in half!

Litter Champ Premium Odor-Free Cat Litter and Pet Waste Disposal System

litter disposal

This disposal system can be yours for just $27.99, making it 30% off the original price. The disposal comes with free bag liner, a litter scoop, and can hold up to four gallons worth of waste. There is no assembly required which makes adding this item to your home hassle-free!

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