Days-Old Twin Draft Horse Foals Frolic with Their Mama

Posted by TF Oren
draft horse foals with mother

What's even cuter than a draft horse foal?

How about twin draft horse foals?

And what's even cuter than twin draft horse foals?

How about a happy little girl playing with those twin draft horse foals?

If you're reading this and struggling with cute aggression (the urge to squeeze all things adorable - yes, it's a real phenomenon), be warned. The video you're about to watch might just send you over the edge.

Check out these four-day-old twin draft horse foals frolicking with their mama and a human friend:

There are few things that can significantly improve your headspace in a span of under two minutes.

This video might be one of those things.

Share this gem with anybody who could use an instant pick-me-up of the sort that only kids with cute baby animals can provide.

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Days-Old Twin Draft Horse Foals Frolic with Their Mama