Daring Rescue of Dog Will Remind You There's Still Good in the World

Posted by TF Oren

When Animal Aid Unlimited's rescue team stumbled upon a wounded dog stranded on the side of a busy highway, rescuers leapt into action.

Curled on the side of the road with a bloody, maggot-infested wound in his right ear, the dog was in visible distress.

His precarious position made capturing him especially difficult. He was scared and ran at first, but rescuers were able to lure him in with food. And once the dog relaxed a bit, he seemed happy for the snack and a scratch on the head.

Fully aware of the dangerous surroundings, a rescue team worker quickly and carefully draped a blanket over the dog and lifted him into the truck waiting nearby.

The dog was transported to Animal Aid's shelter, where he began receiving emergency treatment for the wound in his ear. Veterinarians applied powder to kill the maggots, and once they were dead, cleaned and dressed the gruesome wound.

Had Animal Aid not intervened, the dog, later named Ernest, would have succumbed to his wound within days.

Thanks to Animal Aid's lifesaving efforts, Ernest will live a life of leisure at the Animal Aid shelter, his new forever home, basking in the company of other rescued animals.

Click here to learn more about Animal Aid Unlimited's tireless work on behalf of India's street animals and learn how you can help save precious lives just like Ernest's.

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Daring Rescue of Dog Will Remind You There's Still Good in the World