Dalmatian Breaks Record When She Gives Birth to 18 Puppies!

Posted by Amber King
litter of 18 Dalmatian puppies

Move over Pongo and Perdita, this Dalmatian mama and her beau have set a new record.

When Miley the Dalmatian was pregnant, her veterinarian predicted she'd have a litter of three spotted babies.

A typical litter for Dalmatians is around eight puppies, but as a first-time mom, Miley wasn't expected to reach that number. When her time came, however, she proved everyone wrong with a big surprise.

It was May 18, and after 13 hours of labor, the new mama delivered 18 healthy puppies. You can't help but compare the unexpectedly large litter to the famous pups in "101 Dalmatians," but even Perdy and Pongo only had 15 original puppies.

Miley and the puppies' sire, Astro, are true over achievers, and it was confirmed their big family is the largest litter of Dalmatians in recorded Australian history and tied for the current world record.

Breeder Cecilia Langton-Buker said she always expected Miley to have more puppies than the vet predicted, but 18 was a bigger surprise than she was ready for.

Thankfully, she's an experienced breeder who is more than capable of caring for Miley and her new family. The 12 girls and six boys are all growing strong and healthy!

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Dalmatian Breaks Record When She Gives Birth to 18 Puppies!