Dallas Cowboy Player Buys Entire Table of Dog Food to Support Local Shelter

Posted by Mateja Lane

Dallas Cowboys Wide Receiver Dez Bryant was visiting PetSmart in Southlake, Texas over the weekend. 

The PetSmart in Southlake, Texas held a donation event over the weekend and none other than Dez Bryant, the Dallas Cowboys Wide Receiver, decided to make a visit.

Lost Paws Rescue of Texas had a table of dog food bags that shoppers could buy for the shelter pets. Bryant came in with a few friends and decided to buy the whole table.

Lost Paws Rescue shared the image of Bryant buying the dog food on their Facebook page. The Texas animal shelter relies on donations to help the numerous pets they rescue from the streets. They are are a foster-based group where stray pets live with volunteers until they can go to forever homes.

It's always refreshing when sports stars or celebrities use their fame and fortune to help animals in need. Celebrities like Channing Tatum have been known to rescue horses, and NFL players Josh Norman and Ronnie Stanley have their own pet stories.

So many pets at Lost Paws Rescue won't have to worry about their next meal thanks to Dez Bryant's kindness.

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