Dad Requires Family to Sign Detailed Contract Before Adopting a Dog

Posted by Tori Holmes
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Most parents have a few rules they outline to the family before bringing home a new pet, but few are smart enough to get it formally agreed to in writing.

One father is making waves online, after he posted his very detailed Family Dog Contract. At first glance, the seemingly impossible terms may seem like a joke, but this father is all business.

Reddit / @rjohnstone13

If his family insists on having a dog, he'll make sure that the dog they choose falls within his very specific guidelines.

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The further along you get on the list, the more you get the feeling that these rules were designed to ensure that the dad has zero responsibilities that come with owning a dog.

Either this dad really has no interest in owning a dog or has thought up the cleverest way imaginable to ensure he gets to enjoy all the fun perks without any of the work.

As it turns out, just two weeks after the contract was signed, this family found a dog that fit all of their father's terms: a three-year-old white, mixed breed pup named Kershaw.

Reddit / @rjohnstone13

In the two years since Kershaw was adopted, their father admits that the kids have done a pretty good job keeping up with the terms of their initial contract. No serious messes needing the use of cleaning chemicals have been required and the dog is happy with his diet of dry dog food from Trader Joe's.

The best part is that everyone, father included, adores Kershaw and report that he has been a fantastic addition to, although not an official "member" of, their family.

We wish you and your family a happy life together, Kershaw!

All images via Reddit / @rjohnstone13

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Dad Requires Family to Sign Detailed Contract Before Adopting a Dog