Dad Makes Sure Puppy Says Grace Before Diggin' In

Posted by Mateja Lane

Daddies are the best. 

Dads are there for many things in life. They are there to show you how to use a hammer, to grill you up the perfect burger, and to show you patience. It is safe to say that your dad is usually your moral compass in the world.

Nothing can be more true for this puppy's dad who makes sure the pup says grace before digging in to his kibble.

Whether you are Christian, or religious at all, you can't deny that this is a video that tugs at the heartstrings.

That is one puppy that is on its way to being perfectly trained.

Making your dog wait to eat is important because having them eat slowly is better for their digestive systems. Most dogs are so ready to wolf down their food that all their manners go out the window.

If your dog is too anxious to eat, don't just drop the bowl and let them at it. This rewards them for being overly excited about dinner time. Instead, make them sit and wait until they calm down, then put the bowl in front of them. This rewards them for being patient. If your dog still wolfs down their food and has digestive issues because of it, consider putting a big rock in their bowl that they have to get around to get to their kibble. Pet companies also make bowls designed to make dogs slow down while eating, like these.

Try being the best dad or mom and make your pup say a little prayer, to whomever, before they eat, like in the video. It will be a good training exercise, and an adorable one at that.

Send this to all the dog dads out there that love their pups like their kids! Happy Father's Day!

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Dad Makes Sure Puppy Says Grace Before Diggin' In