The Cutest Little Dressage Test You'll Ever See

Posted by Paige Cerulli

While a dressage test can be a bit dull to non-horse people, you can't help but sit up and smile when watching this adorable dressage test. 

The recipe for the cutest dressage test ever? Take one fuzzy Shetland pony. Start riding super young, master your posting trot, and develop a darn good seat. Get all dressed up, take the pony to a show, and rock your dressage test. Pass by a full-sized dressage horse and rider warming up during your test. Win the hearts of everyone watching.

You have to check out this adorable rider and pony as they perform a pretty great dressage test. You can tell that the pony isn't always keen about going where his rider is asking, but this young rider is full of determination and handles him just fine.

I absolutely love the rider's persistence and skill in executing this adorable dressage test.

This video proves that you're never too young to start riding or showing. In fact, it's generally easier to learn to ride when you're a kid - you're more flexible, pretty fearless, and falling doesn't hurt as much as it does when you get older. Plus, finding the right pony can make learning to ride a great experience for just about any child with a love of horses.

So how do you find that one-in-a-million pony? You'll need to search high and low, but those awesome ponies are out there. Look for a pony that's patient, kind, forgiving, and well-trained. Ponies often have minds of their own, which can quickly teach a young rider the importance of stepping up and becoming a leader, but the pony also needs to be safe.

If you're searching for a great child's pony, try looking for a family who's outgrown their pony. Great ponies are hard to find, so they usually only go up for sale when a rider has outgrown them. Be sure to spread the word that you're looking for a good pony - you never know who may know someone with just the right one for your child.

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The Cutest Little Dressage Test You'll Ever See