Cutest Dachshund Puppy Throws Tantrum When He's Denied Cuddles

Posted by Mateja Lane
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Protesting in dog language. 

Dogs can be whiners, and they know that they have their owners wrapped around their middle toes. They know their puppy eyes get them almost* everything they want and when they throw their best whimper into the mix, the battle is won.

Napoleon is a long-haired Dachshund and he knows he's adorable. He was taken off his owner's lap while she was driving and Napoleon doesn't understand why he is being denied cuddles.

He has his tantrum routine practiced and perfected, down to the tongue sticking out in protest, which he knows adds cute points.

Watch Napoleon's protest and ask yourself if you could resist.

There is a good chance you would give in to that adorable face, right?

Her owner stays strong and reprimands him saying, "You're so bad!" but she knows he's actually pretty good at this protest thing.

Napoleon is only three months old and has a long way to go to learn that he can't get everything he wants. While dogs may whine and whimper to get what they want, it is important that as a dog owner you establish that you are in charge. Always try to understand your dog's language but also know when you need to put your foot down. Like, while driving, for instance. Please don't put your dog in your lap while operating a motor vehicle, which this owner is good to resist.

Dachshunds are determined little dogs, which makes sense since they were originally bred to hunt badgers. Perseverance is in their blood! They are also known to have a stubborn streak, which many Dachshund owners can attest to.

And Napoleon won't let you forget it.

This post was originally published on January 11, 2018. Do you know a Dachshie? Tell us about them in the comments below. 

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Cutest Dachshund Puppy Throws Tantrum When He's Denied Cuddles