21 Young 4-H Leaders Headed for Greatness

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The 4-H program is dear to many Americans.  

The global 4-H network has changed so many lives since its early beginnings in 1902. Their motto "head, heart, hands, and health" is something many families across America live by.

As a traditional learning program, the 4-H club teaches citizenship, leadership, responsibility and life skills to youth primarily through raising livestock and providing countless community programs.

And the program is still going strong today with "500,000 volunteers and 3,500 4?'H professionals provides caring and supportive mentoring to all 6 million 4?'H'ers, helping them grow into true leaders today and in life."

Here are some of those young leaders.

1. The bonds are real. 

Moments like this are what get us through the day. #TrueLeaders #4HGrown [Photo shared by @3luvs4me]

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2. The alumni are loyal. 

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3. Show time is serious time. 

4. Getting ready for the county fair.  

5. Some fun to be had first. 

#TBT to the 2013 Llama Show featuring Cat Woman and #BatLlama! 🦇 #NAILE17

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6. Learning young. 

Teaching the younger generation so they can follow in your foot steps.

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7. Canning is an important skill! 

8. Learning animal science.

9. Don't forget the Alpacas Club. 

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10. Future in farming and agriculture!

Our #4H minis!! #MonroeCoFair #HorseandPony

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11. Making friends wherever they go. 

12. Activity is key. 

4h club ride last night at mantua #4h #biking #mtb

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13. Getting excited for the fair! 

#4H #showpig #cheekytheshowpig #rainscountyfair #42

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14. 4-H = Patience

15. Shooting Championship!

2017 4-H national shooting competitions! #2017nationals #4hnationalshootingsports #4h #4hnationals

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16. Learning about dog shows too. 

17. Winning feels good!

18. Always learning. 

19. So many skills!

#4Harcherycamp #justagirlandherbow #lovemygirl #4hcamp #4H #bullseye

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20. Show Goatin'

Griffin walking Gabe's backup goat 🐐 #boergoats #showgoats #4h #brotherlylove

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21. 4-H kids are happy kids. 

She's a happy girl. #rabbits #4h

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The 4-H community goes back a century and the tradition is strong, it's kinda like the backbone of America. Learn more about your local 4-H chapter here.

Were you in a 4-H program when you were young? Will your kids participate in your local 4-H branch? Tell us in the comments below!

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21 Young 4-H Leaders Headed for Greatness