This Kid Is All of Us When He Tries to Do His Homework with a Distracting Kitten

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When trying to do homework, having this cute kitten around isn't going to help you get through the chore any faster.

If you're trying to do your homework - or anything else, for that matter - with this cute kitten around, well, you're out of luck. Because this adorable fluff-ball really doesn't want you to do homework. No, he wants all of your attention on him instead. And he gets pretty creative in how he goes about distracting you.

Like any good kitten does, this little guy climbs on you, plays with your hoodie, and even makes a grab for your pen. And he even loves to cuddle, too.

Just take a look at this cute kitten and his attention-grabbing techniques.

There's really nothing better than kittens. They're fun and they make you laugh, but they're also absolutely adorable. While this kitten might not be the best homework buddy yet, we'll bet that as he grows into an adult cat he'll be more apt to cuddle up nearby while you work. That or he'll sit in the middle of whatever you're doing. That's totally possible, too.

Thinking of adding a new pet to your home? Kittens can be tons of fun, and since we're heading into kitten season, there are sure to be plenty of them available at the shelters in a few short months. Of course, adult cats always need homes, too, and they're more likely to let you do your homework without being distracted.

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This Kid Is All of Us When He Tries to Do His Homework with a Distracting Kitten