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Custom Leggings for Donkeys Turns Heads at the Farm


Some donkeys need pants. They battle bug bites all summer and one farm sanctuary had to get creative!

One donkey at a farm sanctuary has two pairs and it was obvious the other donkeys were jealous. The flies get bad in the summer and last until the first frost. The woman interviewed cares for these sweet creatures and said they tried fly repellents and fly socks first. After a few tries, they nailed the design and 'Ben' has a plaid pair and paisley pair.

The best quote from the YouTube video?

"I think if it was up to them, they'd all have pants."

Insects can cause a lot of distress and irritation to donkeys. Preventing flies is such an issue that some farmers need to design custom-made pants for their four-legged friends. We love this idea. Check out the designs below.

Check this lucky guy out! Custom leggings to keep those pesky Ontario flies from chewing his legs raw. Donkeys struggle with this problem in our area.

Posted by Jessica Fobert & Free Rein Horsemanship on Wednesday, August 7, 2019

The Donkey Sanctuary provides some tips for preventing flies this summer.

  • Remove manure frequently from grazing paddocks and the stable
  • Keep the stable environment clean - wash and disinfect the stable walls on a weekly basis, remove unwanted feed stuff and clean water troughs
  • Provide a field shelter - this will offer protection while the donkeys are in a paddock, they can rest and take refuge from the sun. Try to locate shelters in a shady and breezy location
  • Muck heaps should be positioned as far away from stables as possible
  • Use fly strips or traps in the stable, remember to hang well out of reach of the donkeys
  • Summer sheets or fly rugs can help alleviate irritation by preventing the flies from landing on a donkey's coat
  • Use fly fringes or masks that can be worn while the donkey is grazing. The masks are also a useful way to prevent sunburn in pale-skinned donkeys.

We prefer the pants to help prevent flies!


Other ways to protect your donkey include fly sheets, fly masks, and fly control (fly spray) or pest control like repellents. My gut tells me though the whole barnyard will want a pair of pants!

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