These Custom Breyers Transform Toys into Works of Art

Posted by Paige Cerulli
custom Breyer horse
Featured image: Dawn Imagination Stables II via Flickr

These custom Breyers are stunningly realistic and unlike any model horses you've ever seen!

For most horse enthusiasts, Breyer model horses are the absolute best - next to the real thing, of course. But for some horse enthusiasts, Breyers are more than just the standard toy that you would buy at the store and play with.

These custom Breyers have been sculpted, etched, and painted to make them even more realistic. They come in stunning patterns and are the product of countless hours of attentive work. Take a look!

1. Custom Breyers are often highly realistic

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2. Artists create these works of art, starting with a traditional Breyer

3. Repainting, sculpting, and etching are just some of the customization techniques used

4. Custom models are essentially model horses for adults

5. Because each model is unique, custom models can cost quite a bit of money

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6. It's fascinating to see each artist's individual style

7. This is an example of etching, where an artist scratches off the original paint to reveal the white model below

8. Some collectors exclusively collect customs

9. The best customs include intricate detail

10. They can be hugely time-consuming to complete

11. Owning a custom means that no one else has the exact same model that you do

12. Some of these models are striking and absolutely gorgeous

13. When set up correctly, they even photograph like real horses

14. Some customs feature mohair manes and tails, giving them extra realism

15. Others feature amazing poses that seem to bring them to life

16. These model horses seem to be filled with character

17. They can even compete in model horse shows

18. There's no question about it - the artists behind these horses are insanely talented

Want to have a custom model for yourself? Your best bet is to start exploring the websites of custom model horse artists and to find an artist whose style you like. Be sure to take a look at the rates - it may take a bit of saving up before you can afford that special custom model.

If you'd like to have a model designed after your horse, be sure to get plenty of quality photos and communicate with an artist about just what you're looking for. These models can be a great way to memorialize a special horse.

Which of these custom Breyers is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

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