Curious Zelda's Tweets Capture Cat Life Purrfectly

Posted by Paige Cerulli
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Meet Curious Zelda: the rhyming and mischievous cat who's quickly taking over the Twitter universe.

Have you ever wondered what's going through your cat's head at various times of the day? When they're staring off into the distance, what are they actually staring at? Is there really something in the house prompting them to tear from room to room at 2 am? And what is it that makes them gravitate to that one carpet in your entire home whenever they need to cough up a hairball? Well, Curious Zelda has the answers.

Zelda's Twitter account is a treasure trove of insight into cat life. Or, at least, it's a super entertaining way to spend a few hours. There are poems and songs. There are hilarious pictures. And there is one seriously adorable cat. It's all that cat lovers could hope for.

Here are some of Zelda's best Tweets to get you hooked:

Seriously, could this cat get any better? We don't think so - and we're not the only ones. At the writing of this article, Zelda has over 29,000 followers on Twitter!

If you're not following Curious Zelda, you might want to get on that by clicking here. You never know what hilarious things this cat is going to say next.

Will you be following Curious Zelda on Twitter? Let us know in the comments!

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Curious Zelda's Tweets Capture Cat Life Purrfectly