Curious Cows Follow Remote Control Car All Around the Pasture

Posted by Stacey Venzel

There's a new herder in the neighbor: a remote control car.

Have you have had trouble herding those mooing heifers across the pasture? Or perhaps your cows need a little enrichment. Or maybe you just need a little entertainment to spice things up on the farm. Enter the remote control car!

Just how many cows does it take to chase something? Apparently a whole herd of them!

Watch this funny video of cows going after a speeding remote control car:

The cows don't seem to tire of the game of cat and mouse, er, cow and car. When it stops, they stop. When it revs up, so do they! They are fast at keeping up with it, too.

Are you faster than a remote control car? Sounds like it's time to rev the engine in a car, cow, human race.