Croatian Beach Bar Isn't Just Paradise for Us...Your Dogs Are Invited Too

Posted by Tori Holmes
Dog eating at Monty's Dog Beach Bar

Do you have a trip planned to Croatia? You might want to consider getting an extra ticket for your pup.

A new beach bar has popped up in Crikvenica, Croatia that dog owners are going crazy for. The reason? It's the country's first and only beach bar specifically for dogs.

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On the menu at Monty's Dog Beach Bar, you will find a variety of canine-specific items including dog beer and ice cream. The beer is specially brewed with chicken and vegetables, and the ice cream is made from bananas, peanuts, yogurt, and soy milk.

Dog swimming at Monty's Dog Beach Bar

The benefit to it being a beach bar is that when you and your pup are not enjoying a drink or a bite to eat, you can relax in the sun on your very own sun bed or cool off in the clear blue Adriatic Sea.

If you're feeling particularly energetic, Monty's also organizes sporting events for dogs and owners, like a 100-meter swim race. Best part? The winner takes home a 7-kilo bag of dog food and a weekend's stay at a local hotel!

Dog swimming in race at Monty's Dog Beach Bar

For dogs and owners who are more into eating than exercising, there's also a variety of eating contests where your pup can chow down on some of Monty's speciality dog ice cream, cakes, and beer.

Does this sound as amazing to you as it does to us? Time to start packing our bags!

Have you been to Monty's Dog Beach Bar? Let us know in the comments.

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Croatian Beach Bar Isn't Just Paradise for Us...Your Dogs Are Invited Too