Dubbed the "Crazy Duck Lady," This Woman Adopts Chicks and Ducks After Easter

Posted by Stacey Venzel
Images via Local 8 Now

Tennessee woman adopts unwanted Easter pets, gives them a forever home.

Plenty of kids and adults will be getting chirping babies in their Easter baskets this holiday season. But when it comes to cute and cuddly, people usually lose their sense of foresight.

Chickens and ducks are messy grown ups, and they can be noisy individuals, too. When these feathery creatures are given as gifts, the new owners are not usually looking to embrace life on the farm.

But what are they to do with a pet when it is no longer wanted?


Mary Lethco of Tennessee has come up with a solution. Dubbed the "Crazy Duck Lady" around town, she opens her home to quacksters of all ages, not excluding geese or other feathered farm friends.

"Last year, we ended up with 20 to 30 birds," she says.


Lethco said the excitement of the new pet usually wears off within the first two months. At this point in time, the chick and duck owners are desperately trying to re-home the fowl. Enter Crazy Duck Lady, who happily adopts the animals, giving them ample play space in her backyard, biding time until she can find them a permanent home.

With Easter just around the corner, you might know of someone looking to gift a chick or duckling, but remind them that without a Crazy Duck Lady in the area, they'll just end up like Joey and Chandler on "Friends."

What do you think of the Crazy Duck Lady? Let us know in the comments below. 

Images via Local 8 Now

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Dubbed the "Crazy Duck Lady," This Woman Adopts Chicks and Ducks After Easter