Cows Play with Big Orange Ball Until Tractor Rudely Takes it Away

Posted by Mateja Lane

The humans just had to ruin the fun for everyone. 

This herd of black-and-white Holsteins are having a blast playing with their big orange ball. Until the humans have to put a stop to their fun.

An unknown reporter is seemingly narrating the whole event and the scene is set with background music more fitting for a WWII bombing scene.

Check out this funny, but heartbreaking, little video.

Oh, how the cows love their big orange ball! They pass it around the herd nudging it along. One cow in front even lets out an excited buck.

"This is our ball and we love it and it loves us!"

But then a tractor appears. And the music becomes more sinister, foreshadowing the events to take place. The tractor swoops down with its bucket and scoops up the ball. The cows run after the tractor begging it to drop their friend.

Their mourning moos and futile headbutts to the wheels are enough to make anybody wish for the tractor to put the ball down for the cows.

The driver of the tractor does not comply with the cows' pleads and drops the ball on the other side of the fence near the reporters. The cows, with their long faces, all line up on the other side of the fence mooing frantically. It's like they lost a child, a little orange cow that belonged to the herd.

The heartless reporters laugh it off and start to leave. But this video leaves us with so many questions. Was it their ball to take? What language is that? German? What were they reporting on? The fact that cows care for things as much as humans?

We may never know. Unless the YouTube video uploader Bengt Astor Fredriksson has some answers for us...

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Cows Play with Big Orange Ball Until Tractor Rudely Takes it Away