Cows Jump for Joy When They See Grass After a Harsh Winter Inside

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Long, hard winters can be draining on everyone, but when these cows see grass and sky, they literally jump for joy. 

Winters on farms can be harsh times. During one particularly brutal winter, these cows were kept inside in order to protect them from the elements. Keeping livestock indoors can help to reduce deaths and accidents when the temperatures are brutal.

When in close quarters, the animals' body heat also helps to warm the building, keeping all of the animals warmer. Because the animals are warmer, farmers don't have to feed as much hay as they do when the animals are kept outdoors.

But, when winters are harsh, animals may be kept inside for long periods of time. There's no grass, and there's not really room to play. So when the springtime temperatures arrive and the animals sense the change in the air, they start to get excited.

In this video, these cows literally jump for joy when they finally get to go outside. Take a look at this awesome moment!

It's wonderful to see these cows so excited. The green grass, the blue sky, and the crowd that's gathered to see the sight all add to the cow's debut. These cows can't contain their happiness, and their leaping and cavorting is entertaining for everyone involved.

Cows aren't the only animals that kick up their heels when the weather changes. Many animals are sensitive to the season changes, including horses and dogs. Just think of how your dog acts when you take him on a walk the first day that the air has turned warm in the spring. Or when your horse gets back out on the trail as the snow melts.

Animals are super aware of the weather, and they are not afraid to show it.

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Cows Jump for Joy When They See Grass After a Harsh Winter Inside