Cows' Horns to Be Painted Glow in the Dark to Avoid Accidents in India

Posted by Stacey Venzel

Roaming cows in India are getting glowing stickers to be more visible at night to drivers.

Police in central India have taken cattle herding to a whole new level.

Wandering cows in the region have been the cause of hundreds of nighttime vehicle accidents. In 2015, over 550 people were killed in crashes involving strays.

To prevent future animal-automobile collisions, police are sticking glow-in-the-dark strips to the horns of cows, making them visible on the roads under the cloak of night.


But the plastic sheaths only last a few weeks.

Due to the success of the glowing cow project, the police are investing in longer-lasting radium paint. Farmers are also being asked to do their part and tag their herd with the glow stickers in the event that a cow goes wandering.

The initiative protects people, decreasing the World Health Organization's estimated 231,000 annual road deaths in India. The police work also protects the animals as many of them have been maimed and killed during the incidents.

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