Cows Follow Labrador Retriever Because 'Where Are You Going??'

Posted by Amber King
cows following dog

Dogs are often used to herding livestock, but this dog's job is a little too easy.

When you think about dogs interacting with livestock, you likely imagine Border Collies, Collies, and other herding breeds moving big groups of animals. They move from behind the herd and side to side to direct the bigger animals where they need to go, but this chocolate Labrador does things a little differently.

At 16 years old, Jake doesn't have much of a herding instinct. But that doesn't mean he can't direct a herd of cows to wherever he wants them to go. All the senior dog has to do is walk around, and the big group of black and white cows follows his every move.

Jake takes his daily walks through the fields by his house, and his friends the cows are always there to keep him company. He lumbers his way through the grass completely unconcerned about his giant tag-alongs. The cows are more than double the dog's size, but they're happy to keep a short distance behind their canine buddy.

There's no way to know exactly why the cows do what they do, but they're curious enough about what Jake is doing to follow him everywhere he goes. They occasionally catch up to the dog to give him a quick sniff, but they're mostly just along for the ride.

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Jake could walk to the end of the Earth, and his faithful cow herd would be only a few steps behind.

What do you think about Jake and his cows? Let us know in the comments below. 

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Cows Follow Labrador Retriever Because 'Where Are You Going??'