Cows Have a Blast Unrolling Hay Bales

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Who'd have ever imagined that cows would find unrolling round hay bales so much fun?

There's a super entertaining toy in your pasture, and you don't even know it. If you feed round hay bales, then your cows or horses may act just like the cows in this video, who think unrolling the hay bales is a blast. And they don't just want to push the hay bale around a bit - they want to unroll the entire thing.

Most cow owners feed round hay bales because they provide a lot of hay in a single feeding, and you don't have to worry about stacking and hauling the smaller square bales. Now we know that round bales also provide entertainment, too - another benefit! Take a look at this fun video.

If you choose to feed round bales to your horses or cows, then you'll need a tractor or another large machine capable of moving the bales around - the bales themselves can weigh 80 or more pounds. If you want to keep your animals from unrolling the bale like these cows do, then try to place the bale so that it's on its flat end. It won't be so easy to roll.

When feeding round bales, you'll need to make sure that your animals eat the bale quickly enough so that the hay is consumed before it starts to rot. Feeding a round bale in a pasture like this means that the bale will be subjected to rain, which can speed along the rotting process.

Only feed as much hay as your animals can consume in a week's time. If your animals won't eat an entire round bale in that time, then consider unraveling part of the round bale to feed to them gradually. You can also invest in round bale feeding systems which provide coverage to the bale while still letting the animals eat it.

There are many benefits to feeding round bales and, depending on your situation, feeding round bales may save you money over the traditional square bales.

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Cows Have a Blast Unrolling Hay Bales