Cowboy and His Horses Ride Across New York Toll Bridge Raising Awareness

Posted by Mateja Lane

Officials didn't quite know what to charge the horseback rider for. 

Commuters on a bridge between Staten Island and New Jersey had a strange Monday when cowboy Tod Mishler passed by riding a horse with another horse in tow. He skipped the toll booth.

80-year-old Mishler has been riding his horse across the country to raise awareness about child hunger. He has ridden from Montana to Washington D.C. with a said calling from God.

"The journey is about letting people know we have the money to feed every starving child in the world," Mishler said. "It's not the way that is lacking it's the way to do it."

Authorities followed him and his horses off the busy bridge and cited him with trespass and impeding traffic. But that's not slowing Mishler down; cops even bid him farewell saying, "ride on, cowboy."

Mishler said his next stop is deep in the heart of New York City, where Brooklyn and Queens come together, horses in tow and spreading the word about his cause.

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