Cowboy Family Lets Their Buffalo Live Inside with Them Because It's Kinda a Pet Too

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Think your roommate's messy? Try sharing your home with a full grown buffalo!

When most people talk about their house pets, they're referring to animals like cats, dogs, hamsters, and rabbits. But when the Bridges family of Quinlan, Texas talk about their house pets, they're referring to some Huskies and Wild Thing, a full-grown buffalo.

And yes, Wild Thing does roam freely about the family's house. He has his own pen outdoors, too, but the Bridges see him as being part of the family.

R.C. Bridges is known as the "Buffalo Whisperer," and is responsible for training Wild Thing. But he didn't go into the venture completely unprepared. Bridges had extensive work in handling cows and buffalo, and had even trained wild mustangs. This gave him a bit of an advantage when it came to taming the unruly Wild Thing when he was a calf.

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Thinking about bringing an unusual animal into your home? There are all sorts of stories about people allowing horses into their home, and now Wild Thing proves that it can be done with buffalo, too. But before you start inviting all of your farm animals into your house, take a moment to think about everyone's safety. When bringing large animals into confined spaces, you can end up in serious trouble quickly if the animal gets stuck or panics. It's probably best to let your farm animals stay outdoors.

What do you think of Wild Thing? Let us know in the comments below!

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