This Couple Loves Chickens So, Naturally, They Included Them in the Wedding

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chickens in a wedding
Images via PA Real Life/Alistair Jones via Daily Mail

Chicken love was the theme of the wedding. 

Complete with chicken-themed centerpieces, chicken wire tables, and invitations covered in feathers, this couple had the wedding of their dreams.

Ky and Lizze Gatherer are a British couple who love chickens. They met 12 years ago and began volunteering at the British Hen Welfare Trust, a chicken rescue. There they realized how loving and affectionate chickens can be when they are loved and cared for. Lizzie explained to Daily Mail:

"Seeing how scruffy these chickens were at first, compared to how well they looked once they'd been rescued, was eye-opening. Even their personalities seemed brighter. Ky is an animal lover, too, so we knew we had to help."

The couple has since adopted 48 hens and given them homes even with their egg-laying days were behind them.

couple with chickens outside

When it came time for Ky and Lizzie to finally tie the knot, they knew they had to include their feathered friends. They chose two of their friendliest hens, Blossom and Clucky, to strut the rings down the aisle.

They even got a friend to knit them special bridesmaid vests.

chicken in knit vest

The ringbearing ladies were then pushed in a cart after the bride walked down the aisle to the song, "Here Come the Girls."

"It was so hard to keep it a secret," said Lizzie. "The guests were in hysterics."

The chicken theme ran throughout the wedding with the tables being named after their rescued hens and red rubber gloves handed out to the guests to put on their heads so they looked like chickens themselves for the group photos.

chickens in a wedding

The couple paid a little extra to have an animal handler at their wedding for public liability insurance and made sure to clean up any messes that the chickens left behind.

All in all it was a success and the couple was married with their feathery friends clucking right beside them. They plan on moving to a bigger house to accommodate more chickens and their guests will never forget their unique nuptials.

"People absolutely loved it, they said it was the best wedding they've ever been to."

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Images via PA Real Life/Alistair Jones via Daily Mail

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This Couple Loves Chickens So, Naturally, They Included Them in the Wedding