Couple Confesses to Keeping 100+ Yorkies, Arrested for Hoarding Animals

Posted by Amber King
yorkies in hoarding case
San Diego Humane Society

A couple in California faces animal neglect charges after over 100 dogs were found living in deplorable conditions.

In January earlier this year, the San Diego Humane Society responded to one of the worst hoarding cases in their history.

Christine Calvert and Mark Vattimo entered pleas on Monday confessing to inhumanely keeping over 100 dogs. They face probation, counseling, and they're forbidden from owning pets for the next decade.

Humane Officers on the scene wore masks due to the overwhelming smell of urine, feces, and trash inside the home.

Posted by San Diego Humane Society on Friday, January 20, 2017

The legal action comes nearly six months after rescuers entered the couple's house to find dogs of all ages crowded together in dark rooms that reeked of trash, urine, and feces.

The walls were streaked with urine stains and the floor was littered with unidentifiable debris. The dogs, neglected and filthy, suffered from a number of medical problems including severe matting and fleas, and several others had more serious health issues.

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One of the 90+ dogs sits in debris waiting for rescue.

Posted by San Diego Humane Society on Friday, January 20, 2017

Rescuers were forced to wear masks and gloves as they carried the dogs one by one out of the house. A final count concluded that 92 Yorkshire Terriers and yorkie mixes were living in the home, but further investigation found the couple had even more dogs in two other locations.

About 30 dogs were taken from another home, and 46 were found in a motor home where Calvert was finally arrested after fleeing California.

Once at the shelter, each dog received a thorough medical examination. After determining personalized treatment plans, the healthy dogs were put up for adoption while others needed more care and attention before being released to forever families.

Each dog will receive a thorough medical exam to determine their individual treatment plans to ensure a speedy recovery.

Posted by San Diego Humane Society on Friday, January 20, 2017

Five months since the day the dogs were rescued, many of the Yorkies have been welcomed into loving homes. Others, like two-year-old Buddy, are still looking. Buddy is spunky and loving, and he doesn't let a disability with his hind legs hold him back.

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The tiny pup is missing a foot on his right leg, and a knee injury to his left hind leg makes it difficult for him to support his weight. San Diego Humane Society tried treating Buddy to his very own wheelchair, but the determined pup would rather use his injured legs. He's looking for a forever family willing to work with him as he continues to overcome life's challenges.

#92Yorkies Update: SPECIAL NEEDS YORKIE NEEDS A HOME! 2-year-old Buddy is one of the 100+ yorkies we rescued earlier...

Posted by San Diego Humane Society on Wednesday, June 7, 2017

If you're interested in adopting Buddy or helping the San Diego Humane Society with the crippling cost of caring for so many rescued dogs, visit their website.

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Couple Confesses to Keeping 100+ Yorkies, Arrested for Hoarding Animals