Couple Celebrates Vow Renewals with Help from Hundreds of Rescue Cats

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After 15 years of marriage, this couple decided to celebrate their vow renewals with the ones that matter most--rescue cats.

When Jay and Charity Jones got married in 2002, they decided not to have children. Instead, they dedicated their lives to the pet cats they loved as their own. The couple stayed together through life's ups and downs, and their cats were always by their side.

Neither their love for each other nor their devotion to helping cats has diminished over the years. To celebrate their lifelong commitment, the cat-loving couple wanted to renew their vows. They picked the day, booked the venue, and invited everyone that mattered most to them. The guest list ended up being several hundred names long.

cat house on the kings
Facebook/Cat House on the Kings

Jay and Charity renewed their vows at Cat House on the Kings, and the shelter's feline residents stood in as witnesses. The event was a first for the cat sanctuary, and owner Lynea Lattanzio officiated.

Cat House on the Kings is the largest no-cage, no-kill cat shelter in California, and the four-legged ceremony guests were free to attend the renewal service at their pleasure. They meandered around the couple as they held hands in the sanctuary's courtyard.

Jay and Chairty will start the next stage of their marriage with a renewed commitment to each other and their shared passion for helping rescue cats.

What do you think of hosting a vow renewal ceremony at a cat sanctuary? Let us know in the comments.

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Couple Celebrates Vow Renewals with Help from Hundreds of Rescue Cats