Couple Builds Huge Bed So All Their Dogs Can Sleep with Them

Posted by Paige Cerulli
All images: The Mr. Moe Project

When you have seven dogs and there isn't room for them in the bed, what do you do? Build a huge bed, obviously. 

Chris and Mariesa Hughes of New York faced a problem. Their seven rescue dogs couldn't all fit in bed with them, at least not comfortably. Chris himself is over six feet tall, so to say that the bed was crowded was an understatement. So, the couple came up with a solution: build a huge bed to comfortably fit their entire family.

Bed 4

Enter the megabed. This huge bed took six months to complete, but ultimately it can comfortably accommodate all of the Hughes household members, including the eight dogs that the couple currently has.

The Hughes hired Mike Ford, a furniture maker, to custom-make the special bed. This huge bed is actually two beds in one. It incorporates both a king mattress and a full mattress turned sideways and placed at the end of the king. Altogether, this impressive bed measures seven feet wide and is just under fourteen feet long. Even the headboard is massive, measuring six feet tall.

Bed 1

The bed isn't just large, it's beautifully designed. Ford actually had to modify and then start over on the huge headboard because it didn't fit through the door to his shop.

In addition to the towering headboard, the bed features built-in wooden stairs so that dogs of all sizes can get up onto the bed under their own power. It also includes roomy pull-out drawers for extra storage. Hand-carved paw prints adorn the bed, creating a delicate touch.

Bed 2Bed 3

While it's obvious that the Hughes adore dogs, their love of dogs goes beyond their dedication to creating a super bed. The couple founded The Mr. Moe Project. The Mr. Moe Project is a nonprofit which is dedicated to placing elderly shelter dogs into homes where they no longer risk euthanasia and where they can be loved for the rest of their lives. The nonprofit provides help with veterinary bills for the senior dogs in the program, and even transports the dogs to their new homes for free.

It's evident that all dogs have a special place in the Hughes' hearts and home. And now that they have a bed large enough to fit all of their dogs, we're sure everyone sleeps a bit better at night.

All images: The Mr. Moe Project

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Couple Builds Huge Bed So All Their Dogs Can Sleep with Them