Couple Adopts 45 Dogs, Builds a Four-Acre Enclosure for Them to Roam

Posted by Krissy Howard

Ever wish you could just adopt all the dogs? That's exactly what one Canadian couple did, and they built them room to run free! 

When British Columbia resident Mark Starmer and his wife Sharon adopted their first rescue dog back in 2004, they probably didn't realize that their hearts and home would open to take in dozens more, but that's exactly what happened.

Coming across countless others in need of their own homes, the Starmer's took it upon themselves to adopt the toughest cases, those often overlooked due to age or medical issues.

Now, they share their home with 46 lucky pups and have built a safe enclosure for their pack to roam freely among four acres of the Canadian outdoors.

Among their clan lives 10 Siberian Huskies, four St. Bernards, two standard Poodles, a Shar Pei, a Portuguese Water Dog, and a rescued grey wolf, among others. They all live indoors with the Starmers, in a home that took them three years to locate after their former province of Alberta forced them to pack up and move, stating that 46 was just too many dogs to keep on one residential property.

Now that they're all in their forever homes, the Starmers continue to work hard every day to ensure the best care for their pack. This can often include hefty veterinary bills to care for their pups, as well as a steep feeding budget, which Mark says is only possible with the help of friends and a wonderful food supplier.

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The Starmers are not only doing good in taking in needy pups, they're also devoting a lot of time and resources to matching adoptable dogs with their special person, and will go to great lengths to make sure they get to a loving home, no matter how far the distance between them.

Mark has even made the 3,000-mile trip to and from New Mexico to deliver one dog to their new home.

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"As far as I'm concerned, when it comes to dogs, the end of the earth isn't too far to go," Starmer said in an interview with Metro UK.

To keep up with the Starmers and their pack, you can follow along on Instagram @somedogsareangels for updates.

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Couple Adopts 45 Dogs, Builds a Four-Acre Enclosure for Them to Roam