Country Singer Christina Taylor Saves Two Puppies from Alabama Shelter

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Christina Taylor saves dogs
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After growing up with dogs, country music singer Christina Taylor knew exactly what was missing when she moved into her new home.

Striking out on her own and pursuing her music career has been a long time coming for 21-year-old Christina Taylor. She left her family home for a chance to showcase her talent, but she couldn't leave behind her love of dogs.

After unpacking and settling into her new place in Nashville, TN, she set out to make herself feel more at home. For the North Carolina native, that meant adopting a dog.

Christina Taylor with two rescue puppies

Taylor learned about a litter of puppies that was abandoned at Safe Haven Animal Shelter in Alabama after their owner fell sick and went to the hospital. The puppies needed a new chance at life, and Taylor made the trip south.

Her plan was to adopt only Daisy, named after Taylor's love of Daisy Duke, but a second pup in the litter also stole her heart. One rescue puppy turned into two, and Daisy and Denver are the happiest new additions to Taylor's home and family.

rescue puppy

Named after Taylor's hometown of Denver, NC, Denver joins in with Daisy to make Taylor's life slightly more hectic, but undeniably better. Parenting two small puppies hasn't been easy for the rising country star, but she's determined to give them both a good life.

She told Wide Open Pets:

"Puppy parenting is a lot harder than I thought. They have me up in the middle of the night to take them out and a lot of potty accidents. The only really memorable thing was me stepping in their poop at about 3 a.m. after taking them out and tracking it through my house without knowing it. That was a lot of fun to clean up!"

rescue puppy

Raising puppies will always come with its share of cleanup, but Taylor believes in the importance of what she's doing. She wants Daisy and Denver to be happy, and beyond that, she wants to show the public the importance of adopting rescue animals.

"I think adopting dogs is so important because there are so many in this world that are in bad situations that need loving homes! It breaks my heart to think about the amount of animals at the pound and shelters that might not make it, and I think people need to step up and make a difference! Animal lives matter and is a topic that I believe should be talked about and taken seriously."

rescue puppy in front of Nashville sign

When Taylor isn't cleaning up after her puppies or spoiling them with snuggles, she's working on promoting her two hit songs, "That Girl" and "You Don't Look Good in My T-Shirt Anymore." Both are available on iTunes and Spotify.

She also set Daisy and Denver up with their own Instagram to share with her fans how cute her puppy duo really is. Follow them for a look into their life with country music singer Christina Taylor.

What do you think of Daisy and Denver? Let us know in the comments.

All images via Christina Taylor.

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Country Singer Christina Taylor Saves Two Puppies from Alabama Shelter