Special Moments: Corgi Reunites with His Soldier After His Deployment

Posted by Paige Cerulli

We'll bet there were no dry eyes in the house when this Corgi reunited with his soldier after his first tour of duty. 

There are many videos of soldier homecomings which are sweet enough to make you tear up, even if you don't know anyone in the video personally.

This is one of those videos, but rather than featuring human family members, this video captures the moment when a Corgi is reunited with his soldier. It's adorable, and the dog is clearly so happy to have his person back.

Take a look!

Dogs can get upset, lonely, and even depressed when their favorite family members go away. Unfortunately dogs can't understand the idea of someone going into the service or going to college, and you can't reassure dogs that their people will be coming back home again.

Sometimes when a family member goes away, a dog may act out with naughty behavior. Barking, chewing furniture, and jumping up on people are some ways that a dog may express the stress or anxiety he feels when a special person has left. You can help to minimize a dog's anxiety by providing them with plenty of attention, keeping their schedule as close to normal as possible, and making sure the dog gets plenty of exercise.

If you notice that your dog stops eating after a loved one leaves, or if he just doesn't return to his normal self, then it's a good idea to reach out to your vet for advice. Most dogs adjust in time, and are more than happy to welcome their loved ones back home again.

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Special Moments: Corgi Reunites with His Soldier After His Deployment