Corgi Likes the Air Conditioning So He Doesn't Want to Go Outside, Thanks

Posted by Paige Cerulli

While dogs love going outside to play, this Corgi's smart - he knows the air conditioning trumps outdoor playtime on a hot day. 

Does your dog get super excited anytime you ask if he wants to go outside, or if he wants to go for a walk? Going outside means playtime, new smells, and potentially some squirrels to chase. Most dogs will eagerly run to the door, or go and pick up their leash or a favorite toy for the trip. Except for this Corgi, that is.

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This Corgi's no fool. He knows it's hot out, and he knows that it's much cooler inside. So he's devised a way to tell his owners that no, he's quite fine staying inside, thanks. No need for that leash, as he'll just lie here on the cool hardwood floor. Take a look at this adorable video, and this very smart dog.

Does the hot summer weather have your dog feeling lazy? Many dogs' activity levels decrease on hot and humid days - they feel the heat, too, and know that lying around the house keeps them cooler. If you do have to walk your dog on a hot day, try to take him out in the early morning or in the evening, when the temperatures are decreasing. Your dog may appreciate playing in the sprinkler in the yard, or taking a swim in a local pond to help him cool down.

One additional danger posed by hot days is the fact that sidewalks can heat up dramatically. Your dog's paws can quickly become sensitive, and he can even burn his paws if the temperatures are hot enough. Try to keep your dog off of pavement and sidewalks - walk him in the grass, or head to a park or a wooded trail for walks during hot days. Be sure to also check your dog's paws for injury or irritation every day, too.

And, of course, always turn the air conditioning on for your dog when you get back home!

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Corgi Likes the Air Conditioning So He Doesn't Want to Go Outside, Thanks