Cops Get a Lesson in Pig Wrestling and Bring the Lost Piggy Home

Posted by Amber King
cops and pig
Sturgeon Bay Police Department

The annual Valmy Thresheree pig wrestling festivities got an early start when two police officers were called into action.

Every year Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin residents flock to nearby Valmy for an old fashioned threshing and antique machinery show. The three-day event celebrates the area's agricultural heritage and history with music, food, and competition.

One of the most popular events is the pig wrestling competition. Teams of four struggle through a mud pit to catch a pig and place him on top of a barrel in less than a minute. No pigs are harmed, and everyone has a good time.

The competition is scheduled for the third week in August, but two members of the Sturgeon Bay Police Department decided to start practicing early.

Sergeant Tassoul and Officer Mogen were called to duty when someone reported a loose pig running through a neighborhood.

Sturgeon Bay Police Department

The pair of police officers worked together to chase down the runaway showcasing their best pig wrestling skills. After apprehending the swine, they noticed he had a minor injury to his snout sustained before they caught him. With some minor first aid, it was determined he was generally unhurt.

The delinquent farm animal was kept safely in police custody only long enough for the obligatory photo shoot. The Sturgeon Bay Police Department went easy on him on account of his cute face and sent the little piggy home. The said on their blog;

"The pig was given a warning for resisting arrest and returned safely to its owner."

The police won this round, but pigs will get their second chance during the real competition in a few weeks.

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Cops Get a Lesson in Pig Wrestling and Bring the Lost Piggy Home