Cop Picks up Pit Bull and Gives Him a Cheeseburger, Reddit Goes Wild

Posted by Mateja Lane
cop feeding a dog

There's just something about police officers and dogs...

that the Internet just cannot handle.

When Reddit user Eighth Option uploaded this image, the comments started rolling in immediately.

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It has all the ingredients for a post that pulls at the heartstrings:

  1. a lost dog
  2. a lost dog that is a pit bull (one of the most controversial breeds)
  3. a police officer
  4. a police officer who found the lost dog and let it ride shotgun
  5. a police officer who buys a cheeseburger on the way home just for the hungry pup
  6. the lost dog eating the cheeseburger

Those are six good reasons for Reddit to lose its mind.

But Redditers were most concerned with the smelly aftermath of the dog eating the cheeseburger...

The Reddit user uploaded the image from this Tweet by Clackamas Sheriff Department when Deputy Davis picked the wandering dog up in the early morning hours.

The lost dog has since been named Cheeseburger and the police department is still looking for the owners. They are asking anyone in Clackamas, Oregon with information about the dog to call 503-655-8211 or go pick him up at Clackamas County Dog Services.

At least Cheeseburger was picked up by an officer who can tell hungry puppy eyes when he sees them, and Reddit thanks him.

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Cop Picks up Pit Bull and Gives Him a Cheeseburger, Reddit Goes Wild