Coolest Professor Ever Lets Student Bring Dog to Class to Escape Hurricane

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This professor had the best response when a student asked to bring her dog to class to avoid the hurricane. 

Dogs aren't generally allowed in classrooms. Professors understandably like to have their students' undivided attention, and adorable pooches roaming the lecture hall can be just a tad distracting. However, when college student Jessica Lewis asked to bring her dog to class during Hurricane Irma, her professor gave the best possible response.

Soon after Hurricane Harvey damaged much of the Houston, Texas area, it was Hurricane Irma's turn. Irma swept through the Caribbean Islands and then made landfall in Florida before moving north.

Lewis, who attends Georgia Southern University, knew the hurricane was supposed to affect her area. She had planned to drive home to Atlanta to beat out some of the storm, but instead of skipping, she wanted to attend one final class before she left, a political science seminar taught by Dr. Joshua Kennedy.


She hoped to leave right from class when it was over. However, she also had a dog -- a one-year-old pup named Luna -- who she absolutely would not leave behind in the storm. While searching for a solution, she turned to email.

Aware that her professor's response would likely be "no," she decided to ask if she could bring her dog to class with her anyway.


Much to her surprise, the answer was not only "yes," but yes in the best possible way.


She later posted the email exchange to Facebook, along with photos of Luna, who not only made it to class, but was a big hit.

Dog and girl in classroomDog and girl in classroom"She walked around and got pets from everybody and had a great time," Lewis said in an interview with The Tab. "She made a lot of friends."

And everyone made it out of the storm!

All images via Pizza Bottle.

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Coolest Professor Ever Lets Student Bring Dog to Class to Escape Hurricane