Compton Junior Posse Keeps Kids Off the Streets by Putting Them in the Saddle

Posted by Paige Cerulli

The Compton Junior Posse, a very unique riding program, uses sheer horsepower to keep kids off the streets. 

Kids who grow up in dangerous city areas face additional challenges in life. The Compton Junior Posse was created to give kids living in Compton, California a chance at a positive future. With a mission to "keep kids on horses and off the streets," the Posse harnesses the power of horses to teach kids and teens important lessons about life, determination, and accountability.

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The Posse teaches kids and teens in Compton how to ride--and it's not just pony rides. Posse riders advance through the levels and compete, often against riders from more privileged areas.

It's not easy, as Posse riders have to field negative comments about the place they call home. But the Posse develops their self-esteem, teaching riders to be proud of themselves and of Compton.

Take a look at this incredible video:

Compton Jr Posse is on a mission to "keep kids on horses and off the streets." The equestrian school is training kids in the neighborhood to compete at the highest level, all the while riding with pride for their community.

Posted by Great Big Story on Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Horseback riding can be a great way to teach young kids and teens important life lessons. Horses teach patience and emotional self-control. Horseback riding also teaches the importance of hard work, and that when you put in the effort, your work will pay off. Plus, horses give their riders a chance to feel powerful and teach riders how to handle disappointment and frustration, as well as how to think on their feet and get creative.

But there's another way that horses help kids and teens: they take up time, and they give them an activity that they can dedicate themselves to. When kids and teens are busy and have to hold themselves accountable to show up for riding lessons or to take care of a horse, they have less time to get involved in other activities, like gangs.

The Compton Junior Posse uses the magnetic pull of horses to transform lives, keeping kids on the right path from the very start.

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Compton Junior Posse Keeps Kids Off the Streets by Putting Them in the Saddle