baby sloth

This Compilation of Sloth Squeaks Will Turn You into a Pile of Jelly


Drop everything you're doing.

Drop it right now! It's time to watch a sloth video.

Do you know what sound sloths make? They squeak. Yes, you read that correctly. THEY SQUEAK!

So, for your viewing pleasure - and we promise you'll enjoy this immensely - we bring you a mashup of excruciatingly adorable baby sloth squeaks.

Before you watch this video, you'll need to have a friend standing by to mop you up off the floor after the video ends, because in one minute from now, you'll be a pile of jelly. Consider yourself warned!

So cute, it hurts.

After watching this, you're probably feeling like you need more sloths - immediately! Fret not. Here are three baby sloth videos to get you through the day. If that's still not enough, here's a peek at what life is like when your sister is a sloth.


Did these sloth squeaks turn you to mush? Tell us what you thought in the comments section!

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