Compilation of Sleepy Puppies Just Ready for Christmas Break

Posted by Amber King
sleepy puppies

Shhh, you'll wake the puppies.

Whether you're at work or struggling through final weeks at school, we know you already have a countdown until the holiday break. When a year's worth of hard work culminates into December's intensely busy schedule, you simply can't wait for that much-needed time off.

The same goes for this adorable litter of sleepy puppies. But be warned, watching them yawn and slip into the sweetest slumber you've ever seen won't help you stay awake before weekend. All you'll want to do is curl up next to them.

These pups may only be a few weeks old, but they're more than ready for the holiday break. Like babies, puppies spend most of their time sleeping. Most breeds need 18-19 hours of sleep a day, which means they're only awake up to five hours at a time.

That may seem like a lot of sleep, but it's hard work being that cute! When puppies don't get enough sleep, bad things happen. They become stressed and ornery, and your angelic little pup will turn into a full-on mischief maker.

To save both you and your pup from frustration, let them get as much sleep as they need. And when you finally make it to the holiday break, grab your blanket and join in on their nap time.

Cuddling a sleepy puppy is the best thing you can do with your time off.

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Compilation of Sleepy Puppies Just Ready for Christmas Break