Colorado Woman Drives to Texas to Adopt Special Dog

Posted by Paige Cerulli
All images: Texas Humane Heroes Facebook via KVUE

When a woman spotted a special dog available for adoption, she drove from Colorado to Texas to bring her home. 

When you and a dog are meant to be, no amount of distance will keep you apart. At least, that's what Alex Wildee believes.

Wildee was browsing ads for adoptable dogs online when she came across Hannah, a two-year-old Catahoula mix. Looking to adopt a special dog, Wildee was taken with Hannah. The only problem? Hannah was located in Texas. Wildee was in Colorado.


Intrigued, Wildee began to exchange emails with Texas Humane Heroes, the rescue where Hannah lived.

Wildee learned that Hannah sounded like the perfect addition to her family. And there was a personal connection, too - Wildee's dog Jersey is also originally from Texas.


But still, the drive from Colorado to Texas is a long one. After a few weeks, Texas Humane Heroes emailed Wildee to let her know that no one had shown interest in Hannah.

Wildee knew that she had to act. She paid Hannah's adoption fee, rescheduled her Friday shift, and set out for Texas. It was a long drive, but Wildee's instincts paid off. Hannah, now renamed Alaska, and Wildee's other dog, Jersey, get along fabulously.

adoption-3If there's a special dog up for adoption and you have a feeling that the dog is right, would you take a long-distance trip to bring that dog home? Tell us in the comments below!

All images: Texas Humane Heroes Facebook via KVUE

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Colorado Woman Drives to Texas to Adopt Special Dog