Colleges Employing Bomb-Sniffing Dogs on Campus for Extra Precaution

Posted by Paige Cerulli
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In an effort to deal with increasing security threats, more colleges are employing bomb-sniffing dogs on their campuses. 

We have to deal with many threats today that weren't so prominent 10 or 20 years ago. School shootings, bombings, and other acts of terrorism are real security concerns. That's why colleges are employing bomb-sniffing dogs to provide campuses with extra protection.

Bomb-sniffing dogs are highly effective in locating explosives, and they do it quickly. Dogs are used in wars to help detect explosives, but they also patrol public areas like concert venues, airports, and now, colleges.

Colleges including Yale University, North Carolina State University, and Ohio State all employ bomb-sniffing dogs to help keep the schools safe. In fact, Ohio placed dogs at eight public colleges in the state in 2014. And it's likely that more schools will employ dogs in the future.

Why? Dogs are effective. Explosive detection dogs can smell a small amount of explosive, and can lead their trainers back to the source. These dogs work quickly and have a super powerful sense of smell. In fact, some dogs are even being trained to detect cancer. It's no wonder that dogs are a preferred tool in detecting the presence of explosives.

Police sniffer dog during a training exercise with sample packages

When colleges employ dogs, they don't have to wait for a trained dog to arrive in the case of a bomb threat. Having dogs on the campus also means that the dogs can do daily patrols, as well as help staff larger events.

But the presence of bomb-sniffing dogs has another advantage: Seeing the dogs on campus can help students and faculty to feel safer. This can improve student relations, providing a much-needed feeling of security while allowing the students to focus on their studies.

It should be interesting to see which schools join the trend of employing dogs for the purpose of locating explosives.

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Colleges Employing Bomb-Sniffing Dogs on Campus for Extra Precaution