University in Tennessee Will Allow Pets in Dorms This Year

Posted by Stacey Venzel

Graduate students at Lincoln Memorial University in Tennessee can move pets into their dorm room this semester.

Graduate students have the chance to move in more than just books as this academic year kicks off at Lincoln Memorial University. The school is home to Tennessee's premiere pet-friendly dormitories.

Dogs, cats, and reptiles are currently allowed in the two-year pilot pet program. Residence halls require $150 per pet for a unique identification tag. The pets are also required to be on flea control.


Jonathan Leo, Vice President of Student Services, says the university only had the students in mind when designing the program. He said:

"All to make the students happier and make their lives better and improve the quality of life on campus."

Students have already started commenting on how they are happier and more productive studying because of being able to have their pet at their side. The animals also help reduce the heavy load of stress that comes with a heavy load of schoolwork.

Once the pilot program concludes, LMU will re-evaluate it with the hopes of extending the opportunity to undergraduate students and other university buildings.

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University in Tennessee Will Allow Pets in Dorms This Year