Collecting Eggs Just got a Whole Lot Easier Thanks to This Apron

Posted by Tori Holmes
All images courtesy of Fluffy Layers

Any chicken owner can relate to this struggle: you need to collect more eggs than your two hands can carry, but not enough to justify bringing out an entire basket. What do you do?

If you've ever encountered this or any other egg-collecting struggle, you're going to love this new line of aprons by Fluffy Layers.

10 egg apron
10 egg apron by Fluffy Layers

Their beautifully designed aprons make collecting your eggs a breeze with perfectly sized and placed pockets.

Simply place your eggs inside the pocket to keep your hands free and your eggs safe while you continue collecting.

15 egg apron

This apron also saves you needing to run back to the house or find somewhere to put your eggs while you finish the rest of your chicken-related tasks, which is a huge plus!

4 egg kids apron
4 egg kids apron by Fluffy Layers

Depending on how many eggs you find yourself collecting at a time, the apron is available with either 10 or 15 pockets. They even have it in kids sizes so the youngest farmers can easily join in on the egg collecting fun.

Do you or someone you know someone have this egg collecting apron? Let us know how it works in comments!

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Collecting Eggs Just got a Whole Lot Easier Thanks to This Apron