Collar Pendants from ACCENT Are the Bling Your Dog Needs

Posted by Amber King
dog laying in grass wearing ACCENT collar pendant

Dogs deserve to be spoiled too.

While your fellow pet parents may be the only ones who truly understand why you need a closet filled with canine accessories, you know your pup deserves the best.

There are the practical accessories like leashes and brushes, but then there's everything else. From the Christmas sweater your dog was wearing in last year's family picture to the bin full of collars in every color, treating your dog to something pretty is part of being a modern-day pet parent.

With that in mind, I took the opportunity to spoil my rescue pup named Bailey with a collar pendant from ACCENT.

dog wearing ACCENT collar pendant

ACCENT is a custom jewelry company intent on providing perfect products that are unlike anything else you can buy in a store. Their designers work in conjunction with customers to create one-of-a-kind pieces. While they're best known for their "sketch creation" jewelry and bracelets, the great minds behind the company are no strangers to the plight of the pet parent.

ACCENT's collection of collar pendants are designed with current trends in mind to give a little shine to your pup's appearance. They also come with a necklace chain, so when you buy two, you and your pet can match.

ACCENT collar pendant

For Bailey, I picked out the Princess Pup Emoji Inda pendant in rhodium. True to ACCENT's original mission to personalize each piece to the wearer, I picked this specific pendant because the three emojis tell Bailey's story. The cute puppy face obviously represents her cute self, and the other two show how even though her life as a rescue has been rough, she's the princess in the King household.

I thought it was a great coincidence that one of the pre-designed pendants so perfectly matched my pup, but there is also the option to customize the collar jewelry. The only customization I chose was to pick rhodium over the other possible metals - gold and rose gold. The package was delivered on time and came in a black drawstring pouch.

ACCENT collar pendant

If Bailey's reaction to seeing her new collar bling has any merit, ACCENT would be sold out of pendants. Her tail was wagging, she was smiling like a fool, and her perky ears were in full focus mode. But to be fair, Bailey is the kind of dog that loves absolutely everything. She didn't take much notice to the shiny addition to her collar once it was attached, but it still stood out next to her regular ID tag.

To show off her new bling, we headed to the park for a play session. Bailey loves to run, jump, and roll around on the ground, and I was initially worried the pendant wouldn't hold up against her rough play. However, it made it through the park play session unscathed, and it didn't seem to lose any of its shine.

Bailey has been wearing the pendant for only about a week, but it's still as scratch-free as when I first put it on. It's also gotten wet and been tugged on thanks to my other dog pulling at her collar. It hasn't shown signs of wanting to fall off, and I suspect it will keep its like-new shine for at least several more weeks.

dog wearing ACCENT collar pendant

While the extra shine under Bailey's chin is pretty and takes focus off her drab ID tag, the pendant's price is its main drawback. At $79.99, it's a purchase for when you want your pup to make a statement. It shows other pet parents how loved your pup is and is a way to spoil the furry best friend in your life.

The Princess Pup Emoji Inda pendant perfectly portrays Bailey's personality, and it's already caught the attention of our neighbors and friends from the park. Check out the rest of ACCENT's pet collection to make a custom collar pendant or choose from their pre-designed selection. They're Bailey-approved!

All images via Amber King

What do you think of ACCENT's pet collection? Let us know in the comments.

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Collar Pendants from ACCENT Are the Bling Your Dog Needs