Cole and Marmalade Teach Us How Cats Say 'I Love You'

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Cole and Marmalade are back, and this time they're teaching an important lesson about the many ways cats say "I love you." 

If you're not yet familiar with Cole and Marmalade, then you're about to meet two of the coolest cats around. This adorable pair has countless videos out all about their antics, life with cats, and the funny things that happen when you live with these two.

But in the below video, Cole and Marmalade take on a different topic - how cats say "I love you" to their humans.

You're probably familiar with some of the ways your cat expresses affection. Purring and rubbing against your leg are widely regarded as indicating that your cat is happy and wants to mark you as his. But there are some other signs that your cat does that you might not be aware of, like exposing his belly and head-butting you. Take a look and watch Cole and Marmalade explain.

Do you recognize some of these signs in your cat's behavior? Your cat is probably telling you that he loves you a lot more often than you may realize.

Want to show your cat that you love him in return? Make time for him. Let him sleep on your lap, and pat him when he's in the mood for some attention. Try to find that itchy spot under your cat's chin that he loves. Be kind to him, pay attention to him, and spend some quality time playing with him every day.

Chances are that your cat already knows how much you love him, and he regularly shows you his love in return. So the next time that your cat is kneading or walking around your legs, tripping you while you're trying to walk, remember that this is just his way of saying "I love you."

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Cole and Marmalade Teach Us How Cats Say 'I Love You'